Hamlyn Orchids a small, family owned business, located in Kingston, Jamaica. It is owned and operated by Claude and Elizabeth (Betty) Hamilton, and was founded in 1983.  Claude has been growing orchids for over fifty years and is a former President of the Jamaica Orchid Society and is a life member Jamaica Horticultural Society  and the Dobermann Pinscher Club of Jamaica. He is an Accredited Judge of the Jamaica Orchid Society since 1986 and of the American Orchid Society since 2000. He is affiliated with the Florida Caribbean Judging Center of the American Orchid Society in Miami, and has judged and lectured in over 34 countries. At age 14 he was one of the founders of the St. James Horticultural Society in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He is well known as a hybridizer (breeder) of orchids and lectures on orchids, orchid culture and orchid judging.  Perhaps best known as a breeder of Broughtonias, Encyclia , Myrmecophila, Laelia and their hybrids. He has also bred award winning Oncidinae, Dendrobiums and Phalaenopsis and Vandas. His hybrids have won many awards at orchid shows in several countries.

Claude has bred Dobermann Pinschers as well as a variety of other breeds of dogs as a hobby and frequently exhibited dogs at shows in Jamaica. He is a founder member of the Dobermann Pinscher Club of Jamaica and has been a member of the Jamaica Kennel Club since 1971. He served for many years as a member of the club's Executive Committee and as Honorary Secretary. He is a founder member of the Dobermann Pinscher Club of Jamaica and served as it's first President. He was elected a Life Member of the club.

Most of the orchids grown at Hamlyn Orchids are propagated from seed in our own facilities in Kingston. We are well known internationally as growers of interesting species and hybrids and our inventory of plants covers a very wide spectrum of warm growing types from botanical curiosities to pot plants.  We have plants of all sizes from flask to blooming size for sale. The main criteria that we use in hybridizing are that the plants produced in our facility must grow well in hot climates, must be easily grown and flowered and must be of the highest possible quality. In May 2017 Claude as presented with an award by The American Orchid Society for excellence in hybridizing. Hundreds of plants produced at our nursery have won quality or botanical awards from The American Orchid Society as well as other orchid societies in other parts of the world. Our plants have been exported to all the continents.

Claude has for many years served as the chair of judging at the Jamaica Orchid Society and at other orchid shows in Jamaica. One of his hobbies is photography and serves in a honorary role as awards photographer at all six American Ochid Society judged events in Jamaica.

We export wholesale quantities worldwide by air cargo or by DHL. Prices quoted are FOB our nursery. All retail sales are handled at our nursery or at shows that we attend, both in Jamaica and overseas. Claude gives lectures and presentations to orchid enthusiasts in several countries at shows or other orchid related events and frequently sells plants at these events as well.

Importing countries usually require that the importer first obtain an import permit and that each shipment of plants be accompanied by a C.I.T.E.S. Certificate (indicating that the plants are either artificially produced or are not endangered in the wild) and a Phyto-sanitary Certificate, indicating that the plants were inspected and found to be free of pests and diseases.

We do not have a printed catalogue or price list other than our listing on this site.


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